Implant supported restorations fee guide 2015

  • Treatment Price (£)
  • Single crown supported by single implant £2,500.00
  • Four front teeth as a fixed bridge supported by two implants £5,800.00
  • Six front teeth as a fixed bridge supported by four separate implants £9,500.00
  • Full arch (12 teeth) as a fixed bridge supported by six implants £14,500.00
  • ‘Press stud’ full lower overdenture on two implants plus new
    conventional full upper denture £4,600.00
  • Full upper overdenture on gold framework supported by four implants £8,500.00
  • Bone grafting (from) £750.00
  • Sinus lift £900.00

The above fees are intended as a guide only. Individuals vary so much we can only give an accurate quotation after a full consultation, or in very complicated cases, once the planning stages have been completed.

The fees assume that the implant treatment will be carried out at Abbots Lodge under local anaesthesia, with appropriate pre-medication if required.