Implant Gallery

Replacing a single missing tooth using dental implant

Soon after loss of tooth

1 year after implant crown completed

Now that it has been shown that osseointegrated dental implants are very predictable, reliable and long lasting they are regarded as the treatment of choice for the long term replacement of a single missing tooth, particularly in the front of the mouth.

It has been found that it is unwise to attempt replacement of teeth with implants until major facial growth is completed around age 18.

The oldest patient to receive implant treatment at Abbots Lodge was over 90 at the time of implant placement.

2 missing incisors, 18 year old patient

2 years after completing implant treatment

Replacing multiple missing teeth with implant crown & bridges

Front teeth fractured in an accident

Implants and abutments ready to support new fixed teeth

Rebuilt smile

1 year later. Solid painless teeth, healthy gums