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  • “After a squash accident I’d been left with a bridge across the front top teeth which over the years became more and more unstable and I ended up with a small denture. The only permanent solution was to have two implants to carry four teeth between them. Although the treatment is not cheap we eventually decided that getting free of the denture was worth it.I found the Abbots Lodge staff polite, friendly and professional at all times. The quality of care was always of the highest. The treatment itself was occasionally tough (having teeth removed isn’t pleasant) but it was always done with careful reference to how I was feeling and clear explanation of the procedure at every step. I was confident throughout that I was in the very best of hands.Now a year later and finishing my last check up the change in quality of life has made the investment completely worthwhile.I recommend the Abbots Lodge practice without hesitation to everyone wanting the best dental care available – and especially to anyone considering a more complex procedure.

    Hope that’s helpful to you.

    Thanks again.”


  • “Dear Mr Peek,Following my final appointment with you regarding my three dental implants I wish to write to thank you and your staff for the care and treatment I received.I found your service both professional and caring. I was fully informed regarding the stages I would undergo before the implants would be complete, and it was clear from your literature about the course of treatment and costs involved. I understood it would take some months and you provided a helpful pack for me to read. It was good advice to bring a friend with me for transport following insertion of the implants, especially after your prescription for mild sedation beforehand which took the edge off the actual procedure. I would recommend this course of action!My treatment went well, I was fortunate to be in the large percentage of successful implant patients, you took care with every stage, in particular matching the teeth with their corresponding biting surface, which now feels exactly right and like my normal teeth. I do take special care now to keep my teeth and gums clean. You have offered a future service should I have any problems.

    This treatment has made a big difference to me. I am able to eat normally now, smile with confidence and social situations are easier now I have no “gaps”. This for me has been really worthwhile treatment, it did seem expensive initially, but personally, I would rather prioritise and spend money on treatment which has such a positive outcome and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone else upon this course of action.

    In short, I am very happy with my new teeth and thank you once again.

    With best wishes.”

    Yours sincerely,

    Wenda Webby

  • “Dear Mr Peek,I am delighted with the practical and cosmetic benefits of my treatment: my implant has enabled me to chew normally again and I also feel more confident about my smile than I have for several years. My mouth feels perfectly comfortable and normal!Although I initially felt extremely anxious about the procedure, it proved far less intimidating than I had imagined. I was impressed by your meticulous attention to detail and the informative manner in which each stage of the treatment was explained to me.”Yours sincerely,Mrs Rosemary Richards
  • “Dear Mr Peek,I am absolutely delighted with my three implants. I would also like to thank you for your expertise and professional care that entirely banished the initial qualms that I had at the beginning of the treatment.I would recommend your practice to anyone contemplating dental implants.”Yours sincerely,Richard Moore
  • “Dear Mr Peek,While I apologise for the delay in writing to you, I have been waiting to see if any problems developed, but happily this has not happened. It pleases me to tell you this, and how much happier I am now that the new securing posts for the lower denture are in place. Previously, as I mentioned on several occasions, it was frustrating not to be able to eat properly if I forgot to use a fixative, now, however, I can enjoy my meals.Many thanks, king regards,”Yours sincerely,Irene
  • “Not having been blessed with perfect teeth, I was concerned about possible tooth loss – I dreaded having gaps in my teeth. I saw an article about tooth implants and thought excellent, a solution to my potential problem. Not long afterwards I faced the decision about removal of a molar which was causing problems and my dentist referred me to Mr. Peek for assessment with a view to having an implant. The procedure was explained to me in detail and carried out calmly and professionally by Mr. Peek.I felt completely confident at all times. That was in 2009 and I was so pleased with the result that three years’ later I decided to ask Mr. Peek to replace another molar which was in an unstable condition. This one was nearer the front and the reason for my wanting an implant was more cosmetic.I would recommend the procedure, and Mr. Peek, to anyone.”Linda Skinner