Treatments // Veneers

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Advances in dental materials mean that we are now able to bond porcelain directly to tooth enamel so that it is possible to radically change the appearance of front teeth by the use of porcelain veneers by altering the shape or alignment relative to the other teeth.  Unlike a full coverage crown, which requires the removal of a significant amount of sound tooth structure, a veneer usually only needs a modest amount of smoothing and shaping of the enamel on the labial (lip side) and incisal surface of the tooth thus not compromising the strength of the natural tooth.  After shaping, an impression (mould) of the teeth is taken so that our ceramic technician can fire the porcelain to the exact shape required to achieve the desired cosmetic effect. At a second appointment the veneer is tried in place to check the fit and appearance and if all is well the surface of the enamel is cleaned and etched and the veneer bonded in place with a special adhesive. Once the veneer is bonded in place it is extremely strong and able to withstand all normal biting forces. Because only a small amount of tooth enamel is removed the veneer may make tooth feel slightly thicker at the biting edge. Veneers do not last forever and a life of about fifteen years is considered reasonable for veneers. This means you will probably need to have these restorations replaced several times during your lifetime.

As well as the durability of the restorative materials, the long life of sophisticated restorations also depends on maintenance of a high standard of oral hygiene to ensure that the gums and supporting bone around the abutment teeth roots remain healthy enough to continue to carry the load. We can arrange appropriate appointments with our hygienists to complement your own home care.