Peter Saner

Position: Clinical Director
GDC No. 62311

Peter is the Clinical Director at Abbots Lodge Dental Practice. In 1987, he graduated from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Peter then began working in Community Dentistry in Edinburgh. Community dentistry is for people who had difficulty getting treatment in a general dental practice. After completing a postgraduate degree at the University of Dundee Peter worked in West Lothian hospitals so to care for people in long stay facilities or nursing homes. In addition to this he was working in general dental practice. He has years of experience and a deep affection for dentistry of all kinds. Peter has a vision to create a warm, welcoming, friendly, professional and innovative service that leaves you feeling impressed with how far dentistry has come over the years and working together with the team here at Abbots Lodge Dental Practice, we hope you will agree, it has come on quite some way!

Peter and his wife live in Ferring with his wife Kath. Their 4 children have grown up too fast, are busy in their own lives with weddings, starting families and embarking on adventures of their own.

With what little time he has left, Peter also works part time as one of the leaders of Jubilee Community Church in Worthing. He is an avid reader, and tends to zone out from the world with a weekly art class. You will also find Peter listening to a bit of early U2 or renaissance polyphony.