Are you suitable for tooth whitening?

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Zoom meetings and the loss of masks have stimulated a particular awareness of our teeth and smile. Is there something that is bothering you that we can help with?

In the last year, I have been receiving more enquiries from patients regarding cosmetic dental treatment, most commonly for tooth whitening. Some say it was on their wish list for some time. increasingly, I have found there is a level of anxiety around the reduced use of face masks, with many having found comfort in hiding their smile and teeth from others.

When I plan treatment for these patients, I have a particular bias towards the least invasive approach, that is, I will propose the plan that requires the least amount of adjustment to the natural teeth for the maximum benefit. At the top of the list is commonly professional tooth whitening, which is a very safe and effective way of removing years of discolouration and darkening of teeth from as little as two weeks. Contrary to popular belief, there is no age limit to this type of treatment either!

The process:

At Ferring and Abbots Lodge dental practice, we are very lucky to have the latest digital technology at our fingertips. Instead of traditional impressions (you may remember having a mouth full of plasticine/play-doh) we are able to take a 3D scan of your teeth with a handheld scanner. These are incredibly accurate and we can make your bespoke whitening trays that fit your teeth precisely for the best and fastest results.

Depending on your situation, you will start to wear these whitening trays with specific whitening gels that we will provide for you. We will continue to monitor your progress until we have reached the desired outcome.


Always visit a professional dentist to carry out tooth whitening. Part of the remit will be to carry out a thorough dental health check to confirm that tooth whitening is safe for you. This will highlight any issues you may encounter with whitening, or whether there is anything that needs to be corrected before or after you do so.

There is strict regulation around tooth whitening and it is illegal for it to be made available or carried out other than through treatment by a registered dentist. We ensure that the whitening gels are manufactured to exacting standards and dental suppliers are also legally bound only to provide whitening gels to registered dental professionals.  This will mean that products procured by other avenues are unlikely to have been through the same stringent safety measures.


You can see in the photos some of the incredible results we have achieved recently with just simple tooth whitening. These are both lovely patients in their 70’s, so age is not a barrier! As above, we can see improvements in as little as two weeks. Your plan will be tailored to you with your wishes, requirements and budget in mind.

I provide a wide range of dental treatments and would love to meet with you to discuss your needs. Call us on 01903 783154 to arrange an appointment.

Dr. Clifton Wan BDS MSc MFDS RCSEd