Understanding Dental Implants

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By Clifton Wan, Associate Dentist, Abbots Lodge and Ferring Dental PracticeDentist in Ferring - Clifton Wan

If you’re considering solutions for tooth loss or dealing with the challenges of dentures, we want to invite you to explore the practical benefits of dental implants at Abbots Lodge Dental Practice.

We are now at a point where long-term clinical data is available to prove that implants are a reliable approach, giving not just aesthetic improvement but also long term functionality and comfort.

If you are missing a natural tooth or multiple teeth, with our state-of-the art technology including in house Cone Beam CT scanner, 3D intra-oral scanners and sophisticated smile design software, we are able to safely and precisely plan your treatment. Implants serve as a stable foundation for customised crowns that blend with your natural teeth.

Dental implants are adaptable to various degrees of tooth loss:

Single Missing Tooth

In cases of a single missing tooth, dental implants offer a straightforward replacement. The implant functions as a dependable root substitute, crowned with a carefully crafted tooth to match the neighbouring ones.

Solutions for Multiple Teeth 

For those with multiple missing teeth, dental implants can be used to support a bridge to replace multiple missing teeth restoring your bite, your smile or both!

Securing Loose Dentures 

If you have a denture that you love but it moves around, dental implants can be used to stabilise loose dentures.

Denture Replacement 

Dental implants present an alternative to removeable dentures with a full arch replacement. This comprehensive solution secures a complete set of prosthetic teeth to the jawbone, offering stability surpassing traditional dentures.

Long-Term Oral Health

Beyond cosmetic benefits, dental implants contribute to sustained oral health. The fusion of implants with the jawbone migrates bone loss, preserving facial structure and preventing the sunken appearance associated with untreated tooth loss.

Why Choose Abbots Lodge Dental Practice?

At Abbots Lodge, we recognise the unique nature of each patients dental story and journey. Our experienced team seamlessly combines technical expertise with personalised care to ensure your comfort throughout the dental implant process. From the initial consultation to the final restoration, our commitment is to provide a straightforward and efficient experience. If you are wondering what can be done please call us and arrange an appointment so we can look at the options together. Maybe it’s time to secure your oral health for the long term. Please call 01903 783154 or email info@abbotslodge.com