Modern Dentistry at Abbots Lodge Dental Practice

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“Teeth are always in style,” remarked by Dr Suess. Specifically when healthy I would like to add. A gleaming beautiful smile: even, aligned teeth – who would decline such an offer?

Modern dentistry techniques make repairing, straightening, replacing, whitening or removing teeth ever more accessible and a predictable way of safely improving ones appearance and function

Yet many of us walk around with smiles we are unhappy with, sometimes even embarrassed by. We walk around with broken teeth, some that are sensitive, some that are painful. We have gums that bleed or gaps that bother us; stains that we’ve always wanted to remove but never got round to it, or that crown that we’ve always wanted to get replaced as it just doesn’t match the others..

But there’s always something else to do isn’t there? So we put up with things and wait till the quieter day when nobody is making any demands of us and maybe we’ll get round to it then. In any case – nothing hurts right now. Two problems with that. Firstly, the quieter day is never coming. Sorry to break it to you like that. Secondly, the bad news about that plan is that generally it’s only in advanced stages that dental issues make themselves known to us with serious symptoms which cannot be missed and sometimes cannot be fixed. In early stages however, dental issues are often pain free and may remain “hidden” from you. That’s why we recommend regular visits to see the dentist to identify issues before they occur and reduce risk of other issues occurring. Early prevention results in little or no requirement for complex dentistry. Our Dental Subscription is designed to put prevention to the fore with all consultations included plus regular hygiene visits. Our purpose is to spot things developing early and put things back on track to health.

As we reflect on 2023, many of us with no doubt have out ourselves on the back burner; perhaps we have been too busy, or simply unable to look after our own needs or wishes because of other important things to deal with. As we now enter a new year, considering out own needs and wishes may be of value to ourselves as we move forward in life.

Maybe you haven’t been for years and going to a dentist is simply not something you factor in to your life. Maybe you worry that it’s too late. Why not make 2024 the year you get it all sorted and reclaim your mouth both in terms of health and in terms of the way they look.

That tooth you wanted fixed, that gap you wanted replaced, or that whiter smile you’ve longed for – the confidence you’ve desired is within reach. A simple initial examination and detailed treatment plan is the best way to start your dentistry journey towards a more confident smile.

We work within a multidisciplinary team at Abbots Lodge Dental Practice. We can offer solutions for gum issues, straightening, removing teeth, replacing teeth, whitening teeth, or simply checking if everything is ok. We will direct you to the correct clinician for you to achieve your goals. Why not start your year by booking in with one of our dentists to gain a greater understanding of your oral health, and help us support your journey achieving your goals.